24 May 2008

The Ninja Listening Manifesto

Posted by paulandrew

We at Supportive Listening recently declared on a t-shirt “Listen like a NINJA.” And we mean it.

Imagine being more than just a “good listener”–imagine being an AMAZING listener. Having a broad capacity to naturally listen to someone, really be present with them, see the world through their eyes. And with a certain flow–not completely effortless, but neither full of effort. A highly skilled level of listening that leaves a wake of relief, new thinking, and self acceptance in its path.

I don’t know if the old-time Ninja’s got formal training in listening but if they did, Eran and I think it would cover the material we’re teaching. We go far beyond “OK, now listen closely” and we get deep into technique, theory, and lots of focused practice for how to get to that higher level of ability.

As Eran says “anybody can become a Supportive Listener”–and he’s right. We have the technology, we have the exercises–you bring the desire to become an AMAZING listener, the energy to do it, and a love of learning, and we’ll help you get there.

We are planning to offer several more classes later this year. To be the first to get class announcements, sign up for our newsletter! A powerful listening tip, the latest research, and class announcements–once a month. Join us!

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