Plugging the Emotional Drain of Caring

Learn to provide emotional support for distressed patients without getting burned out. You’ll come away with stronger listening skills and a model for healthy caregiver relationships. Plus managers can use these techniques to empower their teams to take more initiative and make better decisions. Join us for this practical and highly interactive workshop.

You will learn:

  • A clear method for providing healthy listening support to patients.
  • Valuable insights on how to avoid emotional drain while being supportive.
  • How the “support triangle” can help you navigate stressful interactions.
  • Skills to handle the emotional fusion that leads to “taking on too much.”
  • How to avoid common support pitfalls that create additional stress.
  • New ways to efficiently engage and be fully present in interactions.
  • Ways to ask for effective listening support when you need it.
  • A method for supporting co-workers who have had a tough experience.
  • Better natural listening skills, without pat phrases or parroting.

For more information, contact Paul.

Download PDF flier for Plugging the Emotional Drain of Caring