An Introduction to Supportive Listening

Join us to learn the magic of Supportive Listening ™. Become an effective source of emotional support for your friends, in a way that’s healthy for you, too. Learn how to listen with full intention, and help others feel heard, gain clarity, and come up with their own solutions.

In this highly interactive 2-hour workshop, we will introduce you to the core skills for great listening, and you will get lots of chances to practice. You will come out with new ideas to try, and a tool that will enable you to offer effective and genuine support for others, in a way that’s sustainable and healthy for you.

“Wonderful! You guys are on a GREAT mission. I’m going to start applying it TODAY. Thanks for your wonderful work.”
– David

“Fantastic! At the beginning it seemed like common knowledge, but the small details of the techniques made the difference.”
– Sandra

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Master the Tango of Listening

Deep down, you know that listening is important. But you’re already busy—how can you create time for real listening and make the most of it?

Supportive Listeningâ„¢ is a powerful technique that opens the door to an authentic connection with the person in front of you. Through a natural listening presence you can quickly build rapport, maximize communication, and set the stage for a productive interaction.

This highly engaging workshop draws on dance as a rich metaphor for listening, featuring music, stories, and movement from Argentine Tango.  Come Master the Tango of Listening.

For more details, view the Master the Tango of Listening onesheet (PDF) or contact Paul.

Private workshops
If you’re interested in scheduling a customized workshop for your group, we’d love to talk with you. You’re welcome to contact us and also see the FAQs for event organizers.

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