“Sometimes, all it takes to have a successful friendship is a little more listening. Through a seven-session workshop entitled Supportive Listening, Health and Society Scholar Eran Magen is teaching Penn and Drexel students to give healthier emotional support to their peers, families and even strangers…” Read the full article.
Alexandra Kokot and Sarah Ryu, writing for The Daily Pennsylvanian

“At their class I was blown away not only by their system, but also by the compassion they put into teaching it. They make it super easy and a lot of fun.” Read the full article.
– David Dupouy, CEO & co-founder,
MetaPass, Inc.

“Eran and Paul are wonderful young men here to change the world through changing people listening. Eran and Paul have shared with me very powerful techniques.” Read the full article.
– Relli Siegel.

“It was a fruitful time.”
– Ray Fang

“Very stimulating; partner activities were great.”
Court Rye

“I gained confidence that I can be a good supportive listener.”
– Sarah